Recipe for Pizza Dough
Homemade Pizza Dough

Simple Recipe for Pizza Dough

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Making your own pizza dough is much better for you and your family than store bought. Why?

Store bought pizza dough is full of artificial ingredients and preservatives. That's why the dough can stay on the supermarkets shelves for a long time.

Making a recipe for pizza dough at home has nothing artificial in it.

How long does it take to make pizza dough?

Good question...

Measuring and mixing the ingredients is the quickest part. Its the rest and rising process which takes the longest.

The whole process from beginning to popping the pizza dough on a tray for baking will take about 2 hours.

So... if you really fancy pizza for dinner, you need to start the process around 3 hrs before. Just make sure you have all the ingredients before you start.

Trust me... its worth the bother!

The one ingredient I use to forget when I first starting making my own recipe for pizza dough was... Yeast!!

Yes... the most important ingredient. You'll remember it now!!!

You can make dough using four different processes...

  • By hand using a mixing bowl
  • Food processor - which will mix the dough for you
  • Electrical mixing bowl will also do the mixing
  • Bread Maker - one that does all the work. You just measure the ingredients, depending on the type of bread maker. Let the bread maker prepare the dough.

    It's Fantastic!

We recently bought a bread maker which makes any type of bread from scratch. It has a programme just for making dough for pizzas, french bread and more. You just shape and bake!

All you do is measure the ingredients, pop them in the bread maker, select the right progamme and let the machine do its work. The smell of baked bread is wonderful.

The bread maker will make the pizza dough in approximately 1hr 40mins. All you need to do is stretch it onto a pizze tray, pop the topping on and bake it. It's super!

Okay... Enough ranting!

Making a Recipe for Pizza Dough By Hand

This recipe for pizza dough makes two 12 inch pizza bases

Pizza Dough Ingredients

  • 450g - 16ozs plain flour
  • 1 pack of dry yeast
  • 1 tsp sugar
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 300ml tepid water
  • 1 tbsp olive oil

If you wish to make wholemeal pizza base, use half white and half wholemeal. Why? If you use all wholemeal the dough won't rise very much and the dough will be very heavy.

Preparing the dough...

You need to use 300ml of tepid water, which means warmish – about 27c.

Hint, test the temperature the water with a clean finger, it should feel warm not hot. Hot water kills the yeast!

Pour the TEPID water into a bowl

Add 1 tsp sugar and stir

Sprinkle the pack of dried yeast into the bowl

Whisk with a fork until the yeast and sugar dissolve.

Leave the mixture for 10-15 minutes until the surface is frothy

Now sift the flour and salt into a large bowl

Pour in the yeast mixture

Fold the flour into the yeast mixture using a wooden spoon, until a dough ball forms.

You can use your hands if you like, coat them with oil first.

Personally I don’t like the mess!!

Sprinkle a layer of flour onto your work surface.

Tip the dough onto the floured surface

Knead with your hands. Gently pulling the dough away from you and folding into the middle.

Knead for 5 minutes. Be gentle though! If the dough gets sticky, sprinkle a little flour over it.

When the dough is a soft smooth ball, rinse and dry the bowl it was in. Rub a little olive oil over the inside of the bowl

Place the dough back into the bowl, cover with a damp tea towel.

Leave the dough somewhere warm for 1hr to let it rise. It should double in size.

You can prepare the toppings at this stage if you like.

Hey... you can pop to the shops to get them!!

When the dough has expanded to double its size, rub a little oil on your hands and gently slide your hand down the side of the bowl and lift the dough up then gently punch it down to release the big air bubbles.

Place on a floured surface.

Now divide the dough in two pieces by gently nipping the middle with your thumb and one finger

Cover with a damp cloth again, just for 10 minutes this time. I know what you’re thinking! Yes I do!

Nearly there now… I promise!!

Preheat the oven at approx 175c if you know your oven, it may need to be a little higher or lower.

Lightly grease a 12 inch pizza baking tray with olive oil. This is important as it stops the pizza base from sticking.

I prefer to use a pizza tray which has small holes in the bottom, which help the pizza dough cook from the bottom up. It also cuts the cooking time.

Now, using your hands, gently stretch the dough to fit the inside of the pizza baking tray.

Click here to Prepare pizza toppings.

Bake in the oven for 20-25 minutes or until the topping and crust are lightly browned. Click below for Healthy Pizza topping...

Click here if you would like to I hope you enjoy making this recipe for pizza dough and the topping of course!

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