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Without a doubt… the best ever soups in the world are homemade. You just can’t beat them!

Even Better News…

When you cook them from scratch, you know EXACTLY what you and your family are eating. No E numbers, Preservatives or Chemicials.

Your health will improve DRAMATICALLY.

To get the most health benefits and best flavors from any healthy meal, try to use fresh ingredients.

When you make any of these soups, use any vegetables you of your choice. See what you already have in yoru That goes for leftover meat. I don’t waste any food.

Ingredient Tips

Fresh Herbs are Best!

I know it can be difficult to find some fresh herbs… so substitute with dried. I use parsley and coriander in most of the soup recipes.

Stock Cubes

These are the quickest way to add flavour to any soup. Keep to a minimum as they can be high in salt. As alternatives, experiment with fresh herbs and spices. There’s no hard and fast rules, just have fun.

When I was young and as soon as winter vegetables were in season, my mum would make our favourite chicken and vegetable soup.

Well… in Ireland we called it broth, because the consistency was almost thick enough to eat with a knife and fork! It was truly a meal in itself.

Sometimes, when money was tight… we would have vegetable broth with fresh Irish new potatoes for dinner. It was a cheap and healthy meal, filling and very tasty. So…

If you’re looking for healthy recipes on a budget, these healthy soups won’t break the bank. So...

Give these Healthy Soup Recipes a try!

Healthy Chicken Soup

This soup has been handed down through the generations of our family. A very tasty soup made with fresh in season vegetables - carrots, celery, leeks, onion. Chicken drumsticks or thighs, barley, lentils and split peas, fresh parsley and coriander.

Healthy Chicken Soup Recipe

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And theres' more.... to come!

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My Favourite Lentil Soup Recipe

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Heart Healthy Tomato Soup Recipe

Fish Soup Recipe

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