Healthy Egg Recipes

Try some healthy egg recipes to boost your family’s health naturally!

The humble egg has had a lot of bad press over the years. Making us believe they are not to be eaten often because of concerns that they cause high bad cholesetrol and possibly lead to heart probems.

Recently eggs have been studied in more depth and been found not to be so bad for us afterall.

According to the latest information from the USA Dept of Agricultural Research Service, and UK Health, cholesterol in eggs is lower now. There is also no conclusive evidence that eating eggs results in a bigger risk of heart disease.

If eaten in moderation, eggs are good for us and don't lead to high cholerstrol afterall.

Healthy egg salad
Mediterranean Egg recipe
Healthy Omellette
Healthy scrambled eggs

A few Healthy Egg Facts...

Ever noticed.. around 30 minutes to an hour after eating white toast of cereal that your hungry again?

That's because there is not enough fibre or protein to keep you full until lunch time.

Eggs do fill you up for much longer.

I make delicious omelettes and other tasty recipes for my family, knowing that eggs healthy, filling and full of protein too.

Having eggs make a really healthy breakfast, lunch or dinne. Much more beneficial and substancial.

Eggs are filled with a high amount of good quality protein and many other nutrients.

So don’t be afraid to include them in your family’s diet.

Read more about egg nuitrition at Healthy Egg UK

Our bodies need vital vitamins and minerals, the humble egg is a natural healthy food which can substantially help supply them.

Did you know?

The protein in eggs is of much better quality than many other foods. Incredible!

What eating eggs can do for you..

They help…

  • build muscle
  • brain function
  • keep eyes healthy
  • loss or maintain weight

Now you know the benefits, include some eggs in your family’s healthy eating plan.

Try some simple and cheap healthy egg recipes…

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