Healthy Scrambled Eggs Recipe

Homemade scrambled eggs recipes are healthy and filling. They are some quick and easy to make when your in a rush at breakfast time.

Boost your family’s health naturally with eggs!

I make scrambled eggs for my family a few times a week. All you need is eggs a little milk and a small knob of low fat spread to cook them in. It takes 5 minutes and your done.

They're have as much protein as a piece of meat. And fill you up until lunch time. No need for snacks in between.

Eggs are more filling than a bowl of cereal or white toast.

Ever noticed.. around 30 minutes to an hour after eating white toast of cereal that your hungry again?

That's because there is not enough fibre or protein and are filled with nutrients to keep you full until lunch time.

A healthy scrambled eggs recipe to fill you up...

scrambled eggs recipe

Quick Tips...


Recent research and studies show that eggs do not contribute to high cholestrol.

The tastiest eggs are without a doubt, free range.

They can be more expensive but are well worth the extra pennies because they tend to be fluffy and much tastier.

Great for making lighter cakes, omelettes and scrambled eggs.

Give free range eggs a try, you will notice the different in flavour right away.


I use low fat milk for making scrambled eggs. It makes the dish nice and fluffy.


Serves 4

  • 6-8 eggs – depending on size
  • 1/8 of pint of low fat milk
  • 1 tbsp of low fat spread
  • pinch of salt

Preparing your scrambled eggs...

Crack the eggs open and pop into a medium bowl.

Add the milk and whisk the eggs well with an electric whisk which makes the mixture much lighter. This makes fluffier scrambled eggs.

Melt the spread in a pot on a low heat. Be careful not to burn the spread.

Pour in the eggs and stir regularly so they don't stick or become really lumpy.

At this point... make the toast. The eggs will be ready very quickly.

Continue to stir until the eggs are completely cooked through and there's no big lumps..

Spoon the scrabled eggs onto the wholemeal toast or crusty brown rolls.

When I have more time at weekends, I warm a wholemeal french stick in the oven, slice it length wise and fill with scrambled eggs, it’s really delicious!

I hope you enjoy my scrambled eggs recipe.

Happy healthy eating!

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