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Have fun family fitness guide will help you get the whole family moving and enjoying exercies together.

Starting a family fun fitness program is an admirable parenting goal! You know exercise is the key to optimal health and happiness, but how can you get your family to get up and go?

Encouraging sedentary family members' transition to a family fitness lifestyle will take a little effort and ingenuity. How about making individual play-dates?

Play together and get fit together...

Family exercise workout

For example, a meandering bike ride with hubby; running under the sprinkler with the youngest child; hiking with the oldest.

Schedule in a few minutes of quiet time and present your family fun fitness program in an age-appropriate manner. Here are suggestions to get you started.

Baby-Stepping into the Family Fitness Lifestyle – There is an exercise world in your own backyard.

Jumping Rope builds strong bones and better balance. Hopscotch is another underrated fitness activity.

Croquet is an inexpensive and invigorating backyard game. Backyard Bowling might produce more giggles than points, but laughter is good medicine!

Pitching Horseshoes is a great hand-eye coordinator and invites friendly competition when kids play adults.

Yoga or Tai Chi classes take family fun fitness to a new level. With a focus on breathing and bending, feel-good brain chemicals are released that make us happy.

Tai chi, with its beautifully composed dancelike movements is a gentle exercise all age groups will benefit from.

Yoga is more about mindful movement, opposites and balance. The uniting factor of yoga and tai chi is healing energy flow of body, mind and spirit.

Check with your local YMCA or senior citizens center for affordable classes.

Swimming firms up body muscles, ramps-up metabolism and burns calories galore (approximately 500 per hour).

Kids resonate with all things water. Swimming is a kind exercise for adults aging joints. Classes in aqua aerobics offer heart pumping cardio. And just for fun, water volleyball contributes to your new family fitness lifestyle.

Move to the Music when the weather gets frightful. Not only does music provide mental motivation, it promotes a better mood. Crank up the volume on your family fitness lifestyle with exercise DVDs like Zumba, a "Latin-inspired dance-fitness party", which incorporates dancing styles from belly dancing to flamenco.

Team Sports add another component to family fun fitness. Get involved with school, church or office sponsored teams such as, bowling, baseball or basketball.

Kids will get valuable life lessons when learning to play as part of a group.

Parents will have opportunities for teachable moments like the old "practice makes perfect" and "persistence pays off".

Did you know... doctors recommend walking above all other forms of exercise?

Walking regularly reduces risk of coronary heart disease, lowers cholesterol and blood pressure and increases life expectancy.

Get the family all set with a good pair of walking shoes and go adventuring as part of your new family fitness lifestyle.

Explore a different neighborhood; sign up for charity walk-a-thons; see who can walk a mile the fastest.

Family fun fitness is multi-layered. You'll enjoy more togetherness as a family unit. Your children will learn values that follow them for life. You'll get slimmer and healthier together.

If you like the ideas included in our family fitness guide, share it with other families, friend and colleagues.

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